Protestant Ministers Sign Dutch anti-Gay Charter, Atheists Launch Popular Alternative

Protestant Ministers Sign Dutch Anti-Gay Charter, Atheists Launch Popular Alternative

Atheists release The Declaration of Love to combat the anti-LGBT statement. About 250 fundamentalist Dutch Protestant ministers have signed a translated version of the

Westboro Baptist Church Battles LGBT in Streets Over Gay Student

Westboro Baptist Church Battles LGBT in Streets Over Gay Student

The infamous organization was protesting a high school senior for being openly gay The John Burroughs School in Missouri became a physical representation of

Father Gregory Greiten announces he's gay

Standing Ovation for Roman Catholic Priest Coming Out as Gay

"Today, I break the silence and emerge free from the shackles of shame placed upon me at a young age." Reverend Gregory Greiten, a

Kim Davis Being Challenged By Gay Man She Denied Marriage Certificate To

Kim Davis Challenged By Gay Man She Denied Marriage Certificate

Will Contest Davis For County Clerk Position of Rowan A gay man from Kentucky has decided to run for office against the woman who

Oxford College Bans Christian Groups from Freshman Fair for Fear of Harm

JCR cited neo-colonialism and homophobia for the move Balliol College, an Oxford college, has banned Christian Union (CU) from the fair it usually holds

Priest Writes Controversial Pro LGBT Book

Controversial Book ‘Building A Bridge’ on LGBT by Catholic Priest Preaches Unity

Reverend James Martin Drawing Both Criticism and Praise Reverend James Martin's book Building a Bridge has earned him lots of gratitude from gay adults

Man wearing rainbow bandana

Here’s Everything Wrong With Pastor’s Awful Sermon About Sex

Mike Baker is Wrong About LGBT The Eastview Christian Church Pastor Mike Baker gave a sermon about sex to the church congregation a few

Gay Marriage Is Legalized in Germany

Chancellor Merkel voted against the measure German Members of Parliament have voted to legalize same-sex marriage, 393 to 226.[/tweetit] The vote was taken after

Australian Catholics Devise a Plan to Combat Homophobic Bullying

EREA ensures that schools provide inclusive learning environments Education experts have lauded the Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA)-developed policy to fight homophobic and transphobic

Australian Senator Pushing Greater Church/State Separation to Obtain Marriage Equality

Australian Senator Penny Wong blamed religious organizations as the reason why Australia is still not very receptive to gay rights. Penny Wong, an Australian