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Here’s Everything Wrong With Pastor’s Awful Sermon About Sex

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Mike Baker is Wrong About LGBT

The Eastview Christian Church Pastor Mike Baker gave a sermon about sex to the church congregation a few weeks ago. And while this is nothing out of the ordinary for the church located in Normal town, Illinois, United States this sermon Pastor Mikes sermon was quite unsettling when you listen to it carefully.

Here’s Everything Wrong With Pastor’s Awful Sermon About Sex[/tweetthis]

Pastor Mike’s sermon did not settle well with people from different aspects of the county’s community. A few members of the LGBT community, a local women’s group, City Council officials and fellow Christians termed Pastor Mike Baker’s sermon as mainly centered on spewing hate and was borderline offensive. These were comments were particularly emphasized by the LGBT people.

After listening to it, here is a breakdown of Pastor Mike Baker’s sermon main talking points:

• The pastor clearly believes that Adam and Eve represented the first time humans had sex.

• Pastor Mike Baker’s views come off as that of an ignorant person as he refuses to accept transgender people do exist. He says that people who identify as transgender suffer from a kind of disorder.

• Pastor Mike Baker suggests that homosexuality is a given choice. He emphasizes that nearly half of the LGBTQ community chose that lifestyle and were not born that way.

• Mike Baker believes that people should stay celibate till they are married to avoid marital issues.

• Pastor Baker says that transgender people are as they are because they were not born in suitable environments. He says if these people had traditional families (father mother and children) then they would not choose that lifestyle. He also goes further to state that they choose to identify as transgender as they are lonely and feel inadequate.

• The pastor believes that the cinematic universe that chooses to focus on pornography is forced to do so. He terms that category of works as shameful while choosing to ignore the people’s free choice to work in those types of films.

• Pastor Mike Baker sermons highlighted same sex couples as being unable to enjoy sexual activities and he stated that these people were exposing themselves to unspecified dangers.

This type of evangelical manipulation is the reason why 21st-century pastors are at the helm of misleading Christians.


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