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How a TV Personality’s Faith Helped Her Overcome Her Health Challenges

American television talk show host Maria Menounos recently shared details about her newborn daughter, her intentions to raise her family within the Greek Orthodox

Religious News From Around the Web March 16, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus, Faith Goes Virtual, Celebrated Religious Gatherings, Health-Care Sharing Ministries, China Tightens Control of Religion California Says Health Care Sharing Ministries “Misleading” The

Duck Dynasty Patriarch Has Interesting Take on Health Care

Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson Has Interesting Take on Health Care

Instead of spending more money on health care, Phil Robertson believes more people should be introduced to Jesus. "I have eternal healthcare and it's

New Study Shows God Can Be Pushed Aside With Better Government Services

New Study Shows God Can Be Pushed Aside With Better Government Services

Results are the same all over the world A study conducted by researchers of three universities found that individuals are usually less religious when

Pope Francis Calls Out Inequality in Healthcare

Healthcare inequality is more pronounced in wealthier countries. Pope Francis in strong terms condemned on November 16 the prevailing inequality pertaining to healthcare[/tweetit] in

Donald Trump 'Does Not Qualify to Get Into Jesus' Kingdom,'

Who Said Donald Trump Will Not Get Into Heaven?

President Criticized during Ministers March for Justice. Reverend Jesse Jackson, the well-known activist for civil rights, came to Washington D.C. on September 4, to

Trump's “Alternative Christianity”

Trump’s “Alternative Christianity”

The Trump administration is antithetical to Jesus' ideal For evangelicals, the Trump administration is literally a gift from God. The White House is now

Religious Groups Call Out Health Care Bill

The bill is being attacked for targeting the poor. Several religious organizations have sent public letters and letters to Congress arguing against the

China Bans Islamic Baby Names with Religious Connotation in Xinjiang

An Islamic name ban has been put in place by the Chinese government in Muslim majority Xinjiang. Chinese authorities in the Muslim-dominant Xinjiang province

Trump to Sign Anti-LGBT Executive Order on National Day of Prayer

Trump expected to sign Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' executive order. America may just go back to its conservative stand on same-sex couples with a new