Trump's “Alternative Christianity”

Trump’s “Alternative Christianity”


The Trump administration is antithetical to Jesus’ ideal

For evangelicals, the Trump administration is literally a gift from God. The White House is now practically populated by a faithful member of the evangelical order or someone compliant to listen to the supposedly pious voices. Betsy DeVos, who wants to “advance God's kingdom” leads the Department of Education. Rick Perry, the Secretary of Energy, used mass prayer as a means of tackling social problems during his tenure as Texas Governor and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, believes the devil encourages the theory of evolution.

Trump’s “Alternative Christianity”[/tweetthis]

The group has a number of notable characteristics. One glance on their actions, and one can see that these Christians at the helm of government are furthest away from Christ as humanly possible[/tweetit]. The Trump administration's agenda is exactly the opposite of what Jesus preached.

Jesus preached wealth can cause problems and is the antithesis of spiritual health. He taught it was impossible for any person to serve money and God simultaneously (Luke 16). If someone does that, it will not be possible for the wealthy to enter heaven, and a person must support the poor, as said in Matthew 19. Jesus also said that blessed are those who live in poverty.

The appointees to the Trump administration are doing the opposite. They are hell bent on increasing the wealth of the prosperous. The poor has their funds slashed and their services cut. The most Christian of all the government appointees have worked the hardest to remove healthcare from the hands of millions of Americans.

Those who have read the Bible will also have read the part where poor Joseph, along with unmarried and pregnant Mary, could not get accommodation (Luke 2). This shows that He is open to welcoming refugees and frightened outsiders to wealthy countries. However, the powers-that-be in the Trump administration who love Jesus want to exclude the persecuted and the poor from the United States. This makes a bystander wonder whether they make such decisions before or after they study the Bible?

Trump's supporters have their own version of Christianity. They quote the Apostle Paul, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” Only those who are unable to work could be helped. They allege that programs initiated by the U.S. Government have given the impetus to lazy people to depend on government largesse rather than engage in honest work. 


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