Dispute in Texas over Jesus Sign

Will Rogers, Mayor of Hawkins, Texas defends "Jesus Welcomes You" sign against the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The town of Hawkins in Texas welcomes

School Loud speaker

Texas Principal to Stop Reading Bible Quotes After Recordings Leaked

After recordings of a Texas high school principal reading Bible quotes over the PA system leaked, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has issued a

Ravenswood Teacher Memorial

FFRF objects to religious memorial honoring deceased teacher

Atheist group calls for the removal of a high school memorial in West Virginia that carries images of a cross and angels. Controversy is

Freedom From Religion: A Healthy Separation Or An Intrusion Upon Faith?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has penned scathing letters to schools for practicing religion.According to many faith-based and secular organizations, there has been

Football Prayer Banned

Florida: Atheists Ban Religion in Football

Atheists have moved to ban prayers, chaplains, and religious words and symbols from football in high schools. The nontheistic organization Freedom From Religion Foundation

Prayer Discount Burger

Restaurant discount for customers who pray before meals sparks controversy

A North Carolina diner instituted a controversial policy to get a discount on your food, but it's since been reversed due to complaints. At

Blake Kirk Wiccan

Do Wiccans have Freedom of Religion?

Priest denied ability to lead prayer at local City Council meeting plans to prove Wiccans have freedom of religion. Less than a month after the Supreme

Clemson University Football and Freedom From Religion Foundation

Religion and Sports Collide in NCAA Athletic Teams

The realms of religion and sports are certainly intertwined, but there are some that want to separate them completely. There are at present two

Atheist Daley Center Display

Atheist Symbol Joins Christian and Jewish Displays in Chicago Plaza

Each year in Chicago’s Daley Plaza, displays are erected for religious holidays occurring in December. This year, the usual Hanukkah menorah and Christmas Nativity