FFRF Asks Albuquerque to “Keep Religion Out Of Government” with New Billboard

The sign is the latest addition to a series of church and state separation billboards by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. A new billboard

Atheist Billboard Taken Down in Mississippi

One of the most religious states in America was not pleased with a billboard's unfavorable message about God. Mississippi is known as one of

Ohio HS Students Defy Demand to Drop Prayer from Graduation

High school graduates were told not to recite the Lord's Prayer, a school tradition, but they did it anyway. East Liverpool High School is

“Wake Up America”: Today is the National Day of Prayer

May 5, 2016 marks the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer. Today is the 65th Annual National Day of Prayer. Elected officials meet up

FFRF Dedicates New Monument to Atheist War Veterans

The "Atheists in Foxholes" monument challenges a military cliché. The new headquarters of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, WI will see the

FFRF Disputes NYC Pope Francis Ticket Giveaway, Says City is Endorsing Catholicism

Is the city's ticket giveaway an endorsement of Pope Francis and Catholicism? Freedom From Religion Foundation says yes. On September 25, the Pope will

Mass Baptism Before Football Practice Draws Mixed Reactions

A Georgia school district is trying to determine if a mass baptism that took place on their football field was illegal. The Carroll County

Jesus Statue to Remain on Montana Mountain after Appeals Court Rules against Atheist

Court rejects FFRF argument that “Big Mountain Jesus” monument sitting on federal land is a violation of the establishment clause of the first amendment.

‘In God We Trust’ Police Car Bumper Sticker Reignites the Debate of Church and State

Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed complaints on a dozen Law Enforcement Agencies requesting the removal of the religious messages from publicly financed vehicles.

Texas Judge Requires Convicted Defendant to Write Bible Verse 25 Times Per Day

FFRF files complaint against Texas judge who issued religiously biased probation conditions. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a complaint last week against a