Do You Know How to Stop Murder? Phil Robertson Knows

Want to Know How to Stop Murder? Ask Phil… Robertson That Is

"The Sword of the Spirit" Will Stop Murder Worldwide Phil Robertson, a member of the Duck Dynasty reality TV series posted a video on

Teacher Who Called Homosexuality a Sin Suspended for 3 years

Teacher Who Called Homosexuality a Sin Suspended for 3 years

Loses Appeal Case Based on Religious Freedom Jenye "Viki" Knox was a teacher at Union High School. But she had a problem with the

Vatican Communication new look

Vatican Social Media Re-branding Has Reached Over 4 Million Followers

Consolidation and increase digital media The various media outlets of the Vatican have enjoyed a fresh increase in the number of followers[/tweetit] after the

Advertisement Showing Jesus as A Sausage Roll Causing Controversy

Advertisement Replacing Jesus With A Sausage Roll Causing Controversy

Greggs Bakery Being Threatened With Boycott The United Kingdom bakery chain, Greggs, is being criticized by evangelical religious groups over its new advertising campaign.

Facebook Russia

Russian Facebook Ads Targeted Christian Voters

Attorneys for Facebook, Twitter and Google were present for a Federal hearing this week on the matter. Russia has been accused of creating strife

Muslim Senatorial Candidate Faces Islamophobia

Muslim Senatorial Candidate Deedra Abboud Faces Islamophobia

Senatorial Candidate from Phoenix, Arizona Receives Regular Hate Mail 45-year-old Deedra Abboud is a Democratic candidate from Phoenix, Arizona, who hopes to be elected

Russia Facebook Ads

Russian Facebook Ads Show the Divisions in America Based on Race and Religion

Kremlin played both sides of the political divide According to reports by The Washington Post, Facebook ads from the time of U.S. presidential elections

Netanyahu Son Criticized For Anti Semitic Cartoon

Netanyahu’s Son Criticized After Posting Anti-Semitic Cartoon

Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair posted a meme on Facebook attracting a lot of negative publicity. The image posted by the 26-year-old was said to

facebook advertising allowed hate speech towards jews

Facebook Advertising Allowed Targeting of Hate Speech Towards Jews

Company Continues to be in Trouble with its Micro Marketing Facebook’s advertising campaign has generated more negative attention. On Thursday Facebook announced it was

Facebook Status and Emoji

Startling Differences in Facebook Use Between Religious and Non-Religious

There have been numerous studies done to illustrate the differences and shared traits between atheists and religious people. For instance, a study published in