Vatican Communication new look

Vatican Social Media Re-branding Has Reached Over 4 Million Followers

Vatican Communication new look
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Consolidation and increase digital media

The various media outlets of the Vatican have enjoyed a fresh increase in the number of followers[/tweetit] after the Holy See consciously re-branded the media offerings. Over four million followers now closely listen to what the Vatican says. A fresh logo now greets those followers and all news from the papacy now carries the newly designed logo. The Vatican followers are spread across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter platforms.

Vatican Social Media Re-branding Has Reached over 4 Million Followers[/tweetthis]

According to Secretariat for Communications, Vatican media the handsome numbers are simply the result of continuing reform started by Pope Francis in 2014. The international commission was headed by Chris Patten, the British Lord. The ambit of this group was to study the then-present process and offer suggestions.

The pontiff, along with the nine cardinal advisers who together make up Council of Cardinals, made the decision of re-branding the Holy See's media offering. The Council of Cardinals meets at periodic monthly intervals to discuss the reform taking place at Roman Curia.

In June 2015, Pope Francis took the decision to establish the Secretariat for Communications. The first chief was Msgr. Dario Vigano, an Italian priest. His task was to overhaul and freshen up Vatican communications. The focus was on consolidating the various media. The aim was to increase the digital reach of the Vatican. The Secretariat is responsible for all the communications offices in the Vatican. These include Vatican Radio, Holy See Press Office, Vatican Typography, Vatican Television Center, and the L'Osservatore Romano among others.

Vigano delivered what was expected of him. During the Cardinals' December meeting, he unveiled the new design and logo for the Vatican News website. The latter consolidated the radio and news pages of the Vatican into a sparkling new multimedia hub. The hub has graphics, audio, video, and text. All these are streamed in multiple languages. The Vatican has enjoyed a considerable increase in followers post-consolidation. The Vatican News page on Facebook can now be easily recognized by the brand new insignia. The latter is a white Vatican logo on a red background.

It also helped that Pope Francis prefers short homilies. The pontiff's daily sermons are usually finished within 10 minutes. He has reminded a number of bishops and priests that being succinct is one of the characteristics of a better homily. The Vatican's new app, Clerus, will allow all priests to have effortless access to a short and pithy homily.


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