Muslim Dating Apps See a Surge in Membership After Trump’s Election

Muslims are finding love online President Trump spent a lot of time preaching against Islam during his campaign. Forty-five days after being sworn in,

So Far, Trump Will Not Meet with Pope Francis, Bucking Tradition

Trump won't meet with Pope Francis while in Italy for the Group of Seven summit. In a drastic departure from tradition, President Donald Trump

L.A. Latinos and Muslims Unite in Trump’s America

Latinos, Muslims, and Latino-Muslims stand together in Southern California. Southern California is one of the few places in the United States where two of

Donald Trump signing document

An American Muslim on the Executive Order Banning Muslims

Featured Contributor Shehla Ahmad says there are many aspects of the executive order which need to be examined. Should we close our doors on

Religious Conservatives Upset Trump is Upholding Order to Protect LGBTQ Workers

Religious conservatives uneasy with the move to uphold Obama's order that protect LGBTQ employees from discrimination. President Trump’s recent move to uphold an executive