St Peter's Basilica

Houses of Worship: Saint Peter’s Basilica

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest and oldest Christian denomination in the world, with some 221,700 parishes, 467,000 clergy, and 1.3 billion members. 

Holy Bible

What Happened at the Council of Nicaea? by By L. Arik Greenberg

I often hear people speak in hushed and conspiratorial tones — as if they were divulging a well-guarded secret — about how the Catholic

The 'Holy Stairs' Uncovered for the Public

For the First Time in 300 Years Rome’s ‘Holy Stairs’ Are Open to the Public

It will be open until June 9 Visitors to the Vatican can now see the Holy Stairs in all their original glory[/tweetit] as the

Tomb of Jesus date

New Discovery Has Dated Jesus’ Tomb At 345 C.E.

Dating techniques proved it to be a third century structure. Chemical tests of mortar discovered in a limestone cave dates the Tomb of Jesus

I Can Only Imagine Film

“I Can Only Imagine” New Christian Movie Based on MercyMe Song

I Can Only Imagine is a film based on MercyMe's song and stars Dennis Quaid. I Can Only Imagine is a movie that follows

Restored Tomb of Jesus Opens in Jerusalem

Renovated tomb of Jesus unveiled Jesus' tomb is now restored to recapture the glory it once had.[/tweetit] The tomb, known as the Edicule, was

The Story of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Day: Remembering the real St. Nicholas. The feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated on December 6 for western Christian countries while in

Christian Cross Tops Saint Nicholas National Shrine at World Trade Center

A cross has been mounted on top of the Saint Nicholas National Shrine at Ground Zero to commemorate the progress made so far to

Supposed Burial Stone Slab of Jesus Christ Uncovered

Supposed Burial Stone Slab of Jesus Christ Uncovered

The stone that may have held the body of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion has been unveiled A stone slab which many devout Christians,