Orthodox Christians Are the Least Happy Compared to Other Religious Groups

The Most Unhappy Christian Group is the Eastern Orthodox

Over 400,000 people across the world participated in the research A working paper in 2015 brought into focus the disenchantment felt by Eastern Europeans


The New Bitcoin for Buddhists

Blockchain technology made Lotos Network possible If a few Buddhist programmers have their way, the world will soon witness a new spiritual community based

Religion in America Valued at Over $1 Trillion Dollars by Study

The study findings point to American religion as having one of the world's biggest economic turnovers annually. If America's religious scene could be turned

Activist Says “Everything Bad Comes from Christianity” at White Privilege Conference

Paul Kivel says Christian leadership is the reason for the world’s problems. The 17th annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) was held in Philadelphia last

Why Prophet Muhammad Is Very Dear and Important For Muslims

Muhammad has had significant contributions, not only for Muslims, but to all mankind. Every Muslim in his/her entire life will try to have a

Martin Schlag

Rev. Martin Schlag thinks Pope Francis will appreciate American economy

Rev. Martin Schlag feels Pope Francis will appreciate the capitalism of America as soon as he gets to know it. Pope Francis’ frequent outspoken

America's Blessings

Religious Attendance Could Make For an Economically Richer Country

It’s being discovered that religious attendance can be fruitful to the American economy. A large body of research work on economic, health, and educational

Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Pope Francis and Xi Jinping’s Standpoints on Religion and Money

Pope Francis and the Chinese Communist Party rulers of China who are close to Chinese president Xi Jinping, both criticize the abandonment of moral