Why Prophet Muhammad Is Very Dear and Important For Muslims


Muhammad has had significant contributions, not only for Muslims, but to all mankind.

Every Muslim in his/her entire life will try to have a pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad. And in the recent Hajj pilgrimage, many Muslims from across the world have devoted not only their life savings just to attend the event but their lives as well as hundreds died in an accident stampede. But why is Muhammad so dear and important for Muslims?

In a short blog post, Atif Rashid gave the reasons why Prophet Muhammad is held in such a high regard. Additionally, Rashid explained that the great prophet has significant contributions not only for Muslims but to all mankind.

Why Prophet Muhammad Is Very Dear and Important For Muslims[/tweetthis]

Prophet Muhammad as God’s “Mercy for Mankind”

Muslims consider Prophet Muhammad as the messenger of God. On the brink of sin and destruction, mankind has experienced God’s mercy through Muhammad. As Rashid writes “Such was his compassion for the world that God declared that He had sent Muhammad as a “Mercy for Mankind… God gave him that, which He had not given to any other people before; a perfect and complete teaching and way of life.”

Prophet Muhammad brought Man from barbarity to humanity

Aside from discussing the Prophet’s religious role to Muslims, Rashid detailed the various and actual contributions of Prophet Muhammad to mankind. According to the writer, Muhammad paved the way for mankind to transition from a barbaric, paganistic and backward society into a modern, prosperous and humane one.

Muhammad is the reason why mankind advanced the pursuit of science or knowledge in general. Even before the rest of the world developed the formal fields of science, mathematics, medicine, architecture, economy, religion, etc, Muslims and Arab countries have already started pioneering in these fields. Historical facts would attest to these as human modernization has in fact started in the Middle East. How and why?

It’s because Muhammad made it a commandment in the Qur’an that one of the primary duties of Muslims is to seek knowledge even if it meant reaching as far as China or other corners of the earth to get it. Thus, because of the Prophet and his teachings in the Qur’an, Muslims revolutionized science and learning.

Muhammad started the concept of freedom and human rights

Rashid also pointed that we are enjoying the concept of individual freedom and human rights today all because of Prophet Muhammad. During the Prophet’s time, he taught that “all humans are equal, all have equal rights and no one is superior to another regardless of race, gender or even position in society.”

The concept of rights and freedom especially for women was just legalized across the Western World about a century ago but in the Muslim world, women are assured of equal rights during Muhammad’s time. Prophet Muhammad also taught about animal rights. The Prophet often expressed the value and sanctity of animal life through parables.

Prophet Muhammed taught about welfare, charity and leadership

Rashid talked about Muhammad conceptualizing the welfare state, social service and other forms of charity. Based on Qur’an teachings it’s the duty of the state to “take care of the poor, orphaned, sick and elderly.”

Prophet Muhammad also taught about the values that government leaders should have including honesty, cleanliness, charity, forgiveness, gratefulness and love. Muhammad eventually helped mankind get rid of idolatry, arrogance, pride, selfishness and ignorance.

These and numerous others are the reasons why Muhammad is highly regarded by Muslims and should also be thanked upon or recognized by the rest of the world.


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