The “Right To Die” is No Debate in Jainism

While a terminally ill person's "right to die" is debated in America, the practice is held in high regard in the Jain religion. The

Science and Religion: Richard Dawkins and Rabbi Schneerson on A Common Debate

Has science made faith obsolete, or are science and faith capable of going hand-in-hand? It isn’t uncommon for people, both educated and not, to

How to Debate About Religion Without Losing Friends and Alienating People on Facebook: Roust

New social network has been created specifically for engaging in political and religious debates. Roust is a website that Mark LaFay developed after he

Bill Maher Ben Affleck

Bill Maher gets unexpected support from religious conservatives over recent anti-Islamic remarks

Last week, actor Ben Affleck took issue with Bill Maher’s remarks about Islam during an appearance on Maher’s show, Real Time. The interesting development

Bill Nye Willing to go to Hell

Bill Nye the Science Guy is Willing to Go to Hell for His Beliefs [Video]

After debating creationist Ken Ham, Bill Nye campaigned for evolution, even at the cost of his place in heaven. Christians have responded and pray

Brussels Conference, “A Cause For Concern in Europe,” to Debate Religious Freedom

Freedom of belief, religion and opinion, as well as religious freedoms in general, are fundamental rights, guaranteed by numerous international treaties and conventions, including