Scientology Expansion Linda

Scientology’s Future: An Era of Unprecedented Expansion

The dedication of the Church of Scientology's spiritual headquarters on November 17, 2013, in Clearwater, Florida. We believe in the basic goodness of Mankind

First Japanese Church of Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ Opens in Tokyo, Japan

At the Church of Scientology Tokyo inauguration, Parliamentary and local Japanese leaders spoke to celebrate the efforts and contributions of Scientology's programs during the

New #InTheirOwnWords Interviews: Joel Osteen, David Miscavige, and Feisal Abdul Rauf

Adding to the #InTheirOwnWords series, today we have three new archived interviews to present. First up, is a 2008 interview from The 700 Club

David Miscavige

Scientology Leader David Miscavige: First-Ever Network TV Interview

In his first-ever interview, David Miscavige tackles misconceptions and falsehoods about Scientology. During a 1992 ABC News interview with Ted Koppel, Miscavige describes how

10 Things About Scientology

10 Things You Should Know About Scientology

Featured Contributor Linda Wieland shares the top 10 facts everyone should know about Scientology. This is a tremendously exciting time to be a Scientologist.