Colorado School Distributes Satanist and Atheist Materials

Colorado School Distributes Satanist and Atheist Materials

Colorado school district has approved the distribution of Atheist and Satanic material to students. Students in the rural school district of Delta, Colorado, will

Louisiana Senator Wants to Keep Creationism in Schools

Louisiana Senator Wants to Keep Creationism in Schools

Louisiana Senator believes teaching evolution leads to immoral behavior in students. In the year 1987, the Supreme Court of the United States of America

Tennessee Is Expected to Declare The Bible Their State Book

The move to make the Bible Tennessee's state book may be seen as the government promoting a specific religion. If the Bible bill is

In God

“In God We Trust” on U.S. Currency is Being Disputed in Court

The religious symbolism on U.S. Currency directly violates the distinction between church and state. A federal lawsuit was filed during the second week of

‘In God We Trust’ Police Car Bumper Sticker Reignites the Debate of Church and State

Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed complaints on a dozen Law Enforcement Agencies requesting the removal of the religious messages from publicly financed vehicles.

Picture of Jesus in Kansas School Stimulates Issues of Censorship, Religious Teachings

Display of religious picture in a middle school prompts a greater discussion about religious teachings in schools. The separation of church and state is

U of S.C. and Clemson Have Been Asked to Remove Football Team Chaplains for Going Beyond the Boundary Between Church and State

Two South Carolina colleges are among more than dozen who have been sited in the report by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Freedom

Jimmy Carter: “Everybody Should have the right to get married, regardless of their sex”

"Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere and was not damaging to anyone else, and I don’t see that

Can the Chino Hills, CA Public Board Still See the Lines Between Church and State?

Members of Calvary Chapel, a megachurch in Chino Hills, are guilty of oversharing at school board meetings and have been accused of forcing their

Religion Book Marriage

Is Religion Taking a Backseat in Same-Sex Marriage?

Religion was barely mentioned at all in last week's Supreme Court arguments. Are we seeing the last days of religious-based marriages and welcoming same