Freedom From Religion: A Healthy Separation Or An Intrusion Upon Faith?

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has penned scathing letters to schools for practicing religion.According to many faith-based and secular organizations, there has been

Mixing Religion And Politics

Pew Study Shows Americans Want More Religion in Politics

A recent Pew Research study found that people are disappointed with religion in politics. What do the people want? More religion in politics. The

2014 Bad Year For Atheists?

Is 2014 a Bad Year for Atheists?

Though a little less than 4 months remain in 2014 I suspect New Year’s Eve celebrations can’t arrive soon enough for atheists in the

Prayer Discount Burger

Restaurant discount for customers who pray before meals sparks controversy

A North Carolina diner instituted a controversial policy to get a discount on your food, but it's since been reversed due to complaints. At

Non-Religious Religious Experiences

Can the Non-Religious Seek Religious Experiences?

Many Canadians claim no religious affiliation and consider themselves non-religious. However, many of these people still hold religious or spiritual beliefs. It is not

School is not a battleground for religion!

Jai Shri Raam! I received recently a communication on Facebook that was rather disconcerting – it was typed in large font in Telugu, one

Greece, NY Supreme Court Case

Could Supreme Court Case Redefine Religion’s Role in Public Situations?

Legal scholars are predicting that a case about to get underway in the United States could become one of the largest freedom of religion