Mixing Religion And Politics

Pew Study Shows Americans Want More Religion in Politics

Mixing Religion And Politics

A recent Pew Research study found that people are disappointed with religion in politics. What do the people want? More religion in politics.

The latest Pew Research report has been released for the period of September 2014 and had very surprising results. The Pew Research report looks to gather data about the latest trends in the socio-political realm and then use religion as a lens through which to view the information. Their research has been studied to discover the waxing and waning religious beliefs in a given society, and they have been a very reliable and unbiased source in the past. Their findings in this study are bound to stir more than a few pots.

Religion In Politics is Waning – And That is Bad

According to the report, almost three out of every four Americans believe that politicians are losing their spiritual edge. In essence, Americans believe that religion is not such a powerful force as it was in shaping the laws anymore. Even more interesting is the fact that most of these people believe that this is a negative occurrence. They believe that, if anything, religion should have a greater say in deciding policy in the United States.

Research Shows People Believe Religion Should Play A Greater Role in Politics

As a corollary to the idea about religion having less of a place in modern politics, it appears that more people want to see religion play a greater role. Not only does this mean more religious pressures from politicians, but others want to see churches taking on a more active role in the realm of politics. Congregations want churches to come out and actively endorse candidates or take a more official role in educating their followers on the laws and policies that are going to be passed. While the power of religion to influence politics appears to be waning in the public mind, the fact of the matter remains that more people want to see a push for more religion.

Less Favorable Reviews For Republicans By The Religious

Perhaps one of the greatest surprises that occurred in this Pew Research report was the fact that fewer religious people had a favorable view of Republicans than in the past. Many people have expressed disappointment with the fact that the party has compromised or not looked into religious issues with the same level of pious zeal as in the past. In particular, issues such as abortion have been moved to the back burner in light of more recent political happenings. Overall, it appears that the midterm elections are going to be demonstrative of the overall view of religion in America.


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  • Kyle Glatz
    2:55 pm

    Ummm. No. If churches insist on being involved in politics, great, as long as they are willing to pay taxes.

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