Kentucky Parent

Kentucky Teachers Say Atheist Students will be Eaten by Bears

Both students and teachers join in the bullying of pupils they believed to be non-Christians Ultra-religious staff and zealous Christian students of Stanton Elementary

Kansas Inmate Files Suit Against State Saying Christianity Was Forced Upon Her

Webber-Dunn alleges violation of the First Amendment Shari Webber-Dunn, an inmate in Topeka Correctional Facility in Kansas, alleged the prison authorities violated her constitutional

State Constitutions

Did You Know There Is a Mention of God in Every State Constitution?

States having more mentions surprisingly are found to be least religious As per an analysis by Pew Research Center, God or the divine is

Sam Well Preacher

Over 4,000 Faith Leaders Want Trump to Keep Johnson Amendment

President Trump has signed the executive order to stymie the law About 4,000 faith leaders from different religions have given their signatures to a

FFRF Reminds Trump U.S. is Not a “Nation of Believers”, Rather It’s Ruled by a Godless Constitution

FFRF makes an announcement of their own, reminding the president that every American can choose for himself/herself whether or not to believe in God.

Supreme Court’s Gorsuch Expected to Sway Religious Rights Cases

Line between church and state separation may get blurred. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear the plea filed by Trinity Lutheran Church claiming the

Tennessee Legislative Prayer Caucus Forms to Help Preserve Religious Liberty

Tennessee Legislative Prayer Caucus forms to exercise their religious freedom and fight against attacks on Christianity. Conservative Christians believe that Christianity is under attack

Will Oklahoma Voters Allow Religious Displays at State Capitol?

Will Oklahoma Voters Allow Religious Displays at State Capitol?

If the ballot initiative passes, more religious groups will ask for permission to erect public monuments, including a Hindu Lord Hanuman statue. On November

Prime Minister of Japan will Take G7 Leaders to the Renowned Shinto Shrine at Ise

Shinzo Abe and G7 leaders will visit the Ise Shrine during summit being held in Japan this week. Japan is all set to host

Judge Rules L.A. County Seal will Not Have Depiction of Cross

Judge Rules L.A. County Seal will Not Have Depiction of Cross

Court says the depiction of cross on the L.A. County Seal would promote one particular religion: Christianity. Los Angeles is a diverse county. Its