Prayer App Raises $2 million in Funding

Users can participate in community prayers with the app. The interfaith mobile app assists religious leaders to be in contact with congregants.[/tweetit] It

McDonald’s Next to Vatican to Offer Free Meals to the Homeless

In the face of severe opposition by Vatican Cardinals, McDonald’s finds a way to get popular support. McDonald’s announced that it would be providing

Mormon Teen Raises $135,000 to End Child Sex Slavery

Mormon Teen Raises $135,000 to End Child Sex Slavery

LDS Teen Mark Tenney donated $135,000 to Operation Underground Railroad. A Mormon teen has raised $135,000 to help the organization Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)

Scientology Volunteer Ministers after 9/11

Looking Back on 9/11

9/11 was an act of hitherto unimaginable violence. But as we remember Ground Zero New York, let us also recall the heroism and the

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis plans a fun event to help the homeless population of Rome. Selfies, driving used cars, traveling in public transport, making his own

Sikh Bikers Ride 7,000 Miles to Raise Over $100,000 for Cancer Charity

Sikh motorcyclists ride across Canada to raise money for Canadian Cancer Society. Twenty-four large-hearted Sikhs traveled more than 7,000 miles across Canada on their

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ramadan

Ramadan: How much do you know about the Muslim holiday? To non-Muslims, they know the holy month of Ramadan as a time that Muslims

Watch this Robot Monk Help Promote Buddhism

The Budda-Bot bringing Buddhism and science together. The Longquan Buddhist temple, located on the outskirts of Beijing’s Haidian District, is a very modern temple

Pope Beyond the Sun film

Vatican Disputing Film ‘Starring’ Pope Francis

Beyond The Sun  is supposed be a film featuring Pope Francis, but the Vatican is disputing it. Pope Francis has added yet another feather

Mark Zuckerberg Stays True to Jewish Values with $45 Billion Dollar Charity

Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla donate $45 billion and start The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, surprised the entire