Pope Beyond the Sun film

Vatican Disputing Film ‘Starring’ Pope Francis

Pope Beyond the Sun film

Beyond The Sun  is supposed be a film featuring Pope Francis, but the Vatican is disputing it.

Pope Francis has added yet another feather in his cap as he is presumably the maiden pope in papal history to play his own character in a movie. The film in question is Beyond the Sun. It will show children all over the world looking for Jesus Christ and emulating the apostles.

Vatican Disputing Film ‘Starring’ Pope Francis[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis actually broached the idea to filmmakers. He approached AMBI Pictures and asked them whether they would produce a movie which can portray the Gospel passages in an effective manner. The film should also provide parables to children. This film is slated to be a family adventure. All takings from the film will go to coffers of two Argentine charities Los Hogares de Cristo and El Almendro. These two charities offer requisite support for young adults and also for children who are at risk.

The movie is produced and financed in full by Lady Monika Bacardi and Andrea Lervolino, the AMBI co-founders. Co-producers under AMBI Pictures banner are Gabriel Leybu and Graciela Rodriguez. The latter also wrote the screenplay.

Lervolino, the financier of this project has wide experience in his line of work. He has produced films since the time he was a teen. In fact, his career started when a church in Cassino, Italy, his hometown, permitted him to shoot a few footages inside a place of worship. He was 15 at that time. He believes that working with the pontiff is one of his career highlights. Lady Bacardi mentioned that Beyond the Sun will be extremely entertaining for families all over the world, with proceeds going to charities. She said that it was a great honor for both of them to have this opportunity of working with Pope Francis and spread awareness concerning his message through film. She pledged to make an excellent movie and make sure that it is an enjoyable family film while at the same time a moving one.

The Vatican, however, did not endorse the film. A spokesperson for the Vatican has disputed the film production and said that the pontiff is not in the acting profession. AMBI has removed the Beyond the Sun webpage, but a cached version is shown below:

AMBI Beyond The Sun


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