Dharma Day Celebrates the Beginning of Buddhism

On Dharma Day Buddhists celebrate the Buddha's first sermon. One of the most important festivities for Buddhists around the world is Asalha Puja. Asalha

Archaeologists May Have Found The Skull Bone of The Buddha

Ancient shrine in China may hold The Buddha's skull bone. Archaeologists found something quite amazing inside of a gold casket, which was stored in

Watch this Robot Monk Help Promote Buddhism

The Budda-Bot bringing Buddhism and science together. The Longquan Buddhist temple, located on the outskirts of Beijing’s Haidian District, is a very modern temple

New Study: Which Gender is the Most Religious?

New research indicates globally who values religion more, women or men. According to a Pew Research Center survey, in America, women give more importance

Buddhists Celebrate Magha Puja Day

Traditions and history behind Magha Puja Day. Magha Puja is also known as the Full Moon Day. It is a Buddhist festival that is

Why Buddhists Celebrate Nirvana Day

Why Buddhists Celebrate Nirvana Day

The journey to enlightenment: death, rebirth and nirvana acknowledged on Nirvana Day. Nirvana Day refers to an annual Buddhist festival that is celebrated on

Photographer David Butow’s Journey to Capture Buddha

“White Buddha” by iPhone-shoot is licensed under CC BY 2.0 California based Photojournalist David Butow has worked in exotic locales as Burma, China, Yemen, Afghanistan,

Beautifully minimal Buddhist micro-altars are designed for mourning in a modern world

Keita Suzuki has redesigned Buddhist prayer altars for micro-sized Tokyo apartments. Buddhists all around the world will be cheerful at the news that a

VGastro Bar

Three Men Arrested for Using Buddha in Bar Flyer

The image triggered an angry response online shortly after it appeared on the bar’s Facebook page. Three individuals associated with a bar in Myanmar

Buddhist Temple

Russia Sets the Stage for Religious Diversity with New Buddhist Temple

Moscow's first Buddhist temple, symbolizing Russia’s religious diversity and promoting friendly inter-confessional and inter-ethnic relations, will be built in Russia's capital by 2017. A