Donald Trump

Twitter Erupts to Trump’s Endorsement of Bible Study in Schools

Critics say Trump's support of Bible study in public schools is in violation of the constitution. President Donald Trump is cheering on the move

The Odd Relationship Between Trump and the White House Bible Study Group Pastor

The Odd Relationship Between Trump and the White House Bible Study Group Pastor

Drollinger has proved himself to be a conservative evangelical The United States Cabinet now plays host to a Bible study group under the tutelage

Evangelical Group’s ‘You Can Pray the Gay Away’ Viral Video

Anchored North is a conservative organization trying to prove being gay is unnatural. Anchored North, the evangelical Christian group known for its ultra-conservative views,

Faith of the Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Soaring With God

Faith helps them to grow as men too The Philadelphia Eagles, with 10 wins and one loss, are enjoying an excellent season. Fans of

Is Harry Potter A New Religion?

Is Harry Potter Becoming A New Religion?

New Podcast Creates Controversy About Learning Spirituality From Popular Book Series Harry Potter A prophet who returns from the dead. Betrayed by someone close

White House Bible Study

For the First Time in 100 Years White House Will Hold Bible Study

Capitol Ministries is leading the Bible classes at the White House. The Christian Broadcasting Network has reported that Christian leaders now enjoy access to

FFRF Aims to End Bible Study in West Virginia Schools

FFRF looks to end 75 years of bible study in Mercer County, West Virginia public schools. Bible study classes being held at Mercer County