40% of the U.S. Believes in Creationism

40% of the U.S. Believes in Creationism

Record high 22% believe in evolution A June 3-16 Gallup poll has revealed that a large chunk of United States adults, 40 percent of

Is the statement, “I’ve been a Christian my whole life” a lie?

Is the Statement, “I’ve Been a Christian My Whole Life” a Lie?

You haven't always been a Christian, but you have always been in need of Christ. If you've been around church culture for any length

Understanding the Foundations of Religion

Understanding the Foundations of Religion

"To yield an understanding of the religious nature of man, by showing us an essential and permanent aspect of humanity" - Emile Durkheim Practitioners

Study Shows Almost Half of All Americans are not Concerned with a Candidate’s Religion

Study Shows Almost Half of All Americans Don’t Care About a Candidate’s Religion

Roughly 10 percent of voters do not believe in a higher power The results of a poll conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for

A Look into the American Belief in A Higher Power

90% of Americans Believe in a Higher Power

Even the religious nones believe in something The latest survey done by Pew Research discovered one-third of Americans believe in a higher power, but

Stop Making Fun of Wiccans

Stop Making Fun of Wiccans

Wicca has Every Right to Exist and Practice Maybe Even More so than Other Religions. If someone told you they were a Wiccan what

Button that says "im a born-again atheist"

Are Atheist and Religious States The Same?

Both Groups may look at how Religion Shoule be Governed What is a Religious State? State Religion is any religion a country has ruled

Just Over Half of Americans Still Think Religion Will Solve Your Problems

The belief in religion's ability to solve problems has declined but is now stable, hovering just above 50%. The results gleaned from Gallup’s poll

Tracking the Trends of the Bible in America

Barna releases a study on Bible trends in the United States. The Barna Group have released the results of their latest poll of the

Less People Believe in God, More are Exiting the Church

Only 61% of the religiously unaffiliated say they believe in God, compared to 70% in 2007. Pew Research Center's 2014 Religious Landscape Study reveals