Is Iran the Eternal Enemy of the West? By L. Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.

I grew up in the 1970s, when the U.S. first had overtly negative dealings with Iran. In 1953, we had helped to topple the

Smithsonian Channel’s ‘Secrets’ Highlights Evidence of the Tower of Babel

Evidence of the Tower of Babel has been discovered. A stone tablet has been discovered bearing what is believed to be the image of

Straight Outta Context: The 5 Most Misused & Abused Bible Verses

Featured Contributor Shane Pruitt weighs in with the most misused Bible verses and provides the proper context to reference them. In a previous article

Do You Think Christianity and Astrology are Compatible?

Do You Think Christianity and Astrology are Compatible?

What does the Bible say about astrology? As the only known sentient beings on the earth, humans have been struggling and attempting to make

Iraqi Christians

Mistaken for Muslims, Iraqi Christians in El Cajon Find the Same Hate in the U.S.

Iraqi Christians can't seem to find peace, even in Christian-majority America. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just Muslims who are immigrating to America,

New Evidence Could Answer When The Bible Was Actually Written

Pottery fragments may reveal when the bible was written. Following intensive study by researchers from the Tel Aviv University in Israel, new evidence from

Greg Laurie Says Godless America Will Be Destroyed By a Volcano

Harvest Pastor predicts a similar fate to America as that of Pompeii Greg Laurie is an American clergyman and an author. He is at

App Helps Translate Talmud into Italian For the First Time

App Helps Translate Talmud into Italian For the First Time

An application helps translate over 5,000 pages of the Babylonian Talmud into Italian. On April 5, 2016, the very first Italian version of the

‘The X-Files: Babylon’ Episode Tackles Terrorism Religion and the Power of Suggestion

The X-Files  sci-fi series features psychology, terrorism, faith and religion in one episode. For television critics, the fifth episode of The X-Files entitled Babylon

Did Hobby Lobby Steal Artifacts For Their Bible Museum?

Feds investigate Bible artifacts that may have been stolen from Iraq and acquired by Hobby Lobby owners. The owners of Hobby Lobby, who plan