Greg Laurie Says Godless America Will Be Destroyed By a Volcano

Harvest Pastor predicts a similar fate to America as that of Pompeii

Greg Laurie is an American clergyman and an author. He is at present serving as the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, and Irvine, California. According to him, America, the greatest superpower on earth, could end up just like Pompeii, if it is not willing to reform its ways and turn to God. According to him, it is the similarities between the ancient city of Pompeii and the present America that he sees that is prompting him to predict a similar fate to America as that of Pompeii.

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Pompeii was an ancient Roman city near modern Naples, Italy. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 destroyed the city completely and buried it under tons of volcanic ash and pumice. The population of the city during the time of its destruction was about 11,000.

Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie
According to pastor Laurie, God has blessed America with abundant natural resources, as well as human resources. Despite that, the nation has strayed far from its roots. American people started with Judeo-Christian roots. The Founding Fathers of the nation strongly believed in the creator. They believed that God gave the American people their freedom. For that, they acknowledged Him, and honored Him, and not just any God but the God of the Bible.

Right now, many Americans lead a very sinful life. Pornography and homosexual relationships have destroyed the rich culture of the country and made the American people stray far away from God. Pretending that God does not exist, and thus leading a life defying God, has consequences.

As an example, Laurie talks about the case of Israel. God asked the people of Israel to stop worshipping idols and to repent for their sins. Israel did not listen. As a result, Babylon overtook Israel.

Pastor Laurie believes that right now, more than ever, the country needs God's help. Only God would be able to bring America back on the right track. According to him, it is up to the American people to decide whether the future days should be good or bad. For good days ahead, it is essential that the American people choose God, follow Him, and His words. America needs a spiritual revival. America needs God.

Another prominent evangelical leader who has asked America to repent, recently, is Reverend Billy Graham, an ordained Southern Baptist minister. However, he is predicting a devastating flood, just like the one happened during the time of Noah, instead of a fate like that of Pompeii.


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