LDS Launches New Website to Overcome Porn Addiction

LDS Launches New Website to Overcome Porn Addiction

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints updates website and resources According to the author of Pornography on the Rise: A Growing Mental

The Vatican Believes Demons Make You Watch Porn

The Vatican Thinks Demons Might be Making You Watch Porn

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Mormon Anti-Pornography Conference

Pornography Declared “the New Drug” at Mormon Anti-Pornography Conference

Anti-pornography movement holds annual conference in Salt Lake City The Utah Coalition Against Pornography (UCAP) chose to host their annual conference at the Salt

Amish Embracing Use of Technology at Work, But Vow to Keep It Out of Their Homes

The community is savvier than assumed when it comes to harnessing the many technological benefits It is common for outsiders to assume that the

Meet the Ex-Porn Star Who Found God

Brittni Ruiz, also known as Jenna Presley, left porn and married a pastor. Ever since porn star Jenna Presley was first introduced to the

How Priests Can Battle the Porn Epidemic

The proliferation of smartphones means explicit imagery is even easier to access, making it harder for Christian leaders to address the issue. Online pornography

Only 10% of Americans Have A Biblical Worldview

Study reveals how many Americans have a Biblical worldview. According to a survey published by the American Culture and Faith Institute, only 10 percent

Adult Film Star Apologizes for Filming Porn Inside a Church

Porn star admits that the director knew it was wrong to shoot inside the church; says they underestimated the parishioners’ reaction. A Catholic church

You Don't Need to be Religious to Fight Porn

You Don’t Need to be Religious to Fight Porn

Porn addiction isn't just an issue in religious circles. At one time, only people of faith opposed porn. The reason they gave for opposing

Greg Laurie Says Godless America Will Be Destroyed By a Volcano

Harvest Pastor predicts a similar fate to America as that of Pompeii Greg Laurie is an American clergyman and an author. He is at