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Dear God, Shall We Address You As Sir or Madam? – Church of England Says Maybe Neither

In the opening lines of the Bible, familiar to us in the classic King James as “In the beginning God created the heavens and

The Church of England General Synod meeting

Church of England Holds Debates on Archbishop of Canterbury Election

In a Church of England General Synod meeting this past month a proposal was debated to increase representatives of the global Anglican Communion in

Church of Scotland Apologizes for LGBT Discrimination, Moves Closer to Allowing Ministers to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

The Scottish Episcopal Church has taken a historical step toward equality. A historical decision was made by Church of Scotland when it decided to

How Does Religion Affect the Brexit Vote?

Uncontrolled entry of immigrants is influencing the vote. The Brexit referendum is the abbreviation of two words “British Exit”. It is meshed with two

Justin Welby

Archbishop Justin Welby Hopes to Heal the Divisions between the Anglican Community by Dividing it Almost Entirely

Welby wants to serve both liberals and conservatives, but the divided Anglican Church may need to be restructured first. Justin Welby was appointed as

Justin Welby: Make Religion More Interesting so Youth do not Turn to Extremism

Reverend Justin Welby urges faith leaders to find a way to offer young people a "purpose in life" that can provide an alternative to

Justin Welby Doubts About God

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury Sometimes Doubts God

While everyone's faith may waver from time to time, not everyone is the Archbishop of Canterbury. But Justin Welby recently admitted sometimes doubting God. Many

Church Of England Divide

Female Bishops Further Divide Vatican and Church of England

The Church of England's decision to allow female bishops might hinder the relationship with Catholics. The General Synod of the Church of England recently