Modern Funeral Trends Will Change Religion

Modern Funeral Trends Will Change Religion

Deep Freeze Funerals Are A Startling Change to Traditional Ceremonies Advancements in any field will always come with both positives and negatives. With advancements

Is There Life After Death? Some Atheists Hope So

Even some atheists believe in an afterlife. Despite the fact that the number of atheists has continued to increase globally, a recent survey indicated

Richard Dawkins Still Says Religion is a “Force of Evil,” Even After Stroke

Richard Dawkins says religion is a 'force of evil' on BBC's Sunday Morning Live. It is believed that religion was established for the betterment

Muslim Man Performs Last Rites for Hindu Friend

Muslim man refused to allow differences in faith to stop him from helping out his Hindu friend. Relationships between Muslims and Hindus in India

Box of Tissues

Masturbating will Knock Your Hand Up, Claims Televangelist

A Muslim televangelist made an unusual statement to one of his followers regarding the consequences of self-pleasure. Mücahid Cihad Han, an Istanbul-based televangelist, has

Near Death Experience

After being Pronounced Dead Twice, A Man Shares His Experience with the Afterlife

Sometimes you only live thrice. A Reddit user shares his experiences in death in an AMA after being brought back to life twice. A