Modern Funeral Trends Will Change Religion

Modern Funeral Trends Will Change Religion

Modern Funeral Trends Will Change Religion

Deep Freeze Funerals Are A Startling Change to Traditional Ceremonies

Advancements in any field will always come with both positives and negatives. With advancements in technology, a new trend has recently emerged. This trend is known as “Deep freeze” funerals. This is an alternative way to rest for the few progressive people who don’t want to be buried or cremated. Kent, a town in the United Kingdom, is on the bridge of adapting the practice. The plans for a crematorium to carry out freeze funerals is under consideration by the District Council.

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The plans for the crematorium include spaces for a café and chapel making it one of its kind in the world. The process of Cryomation (freezing of bodies) was made public by the council. The process uses liquid nitrogen to freeze dead bodies to negative two hundred degrees. The frozen body is then crushed to powder form. The crushed body is then run through processes that remove any metals from the remains. This part of the process also gets rid of potentially harmful minerals. The crushed body powder is then released to the family of the deceased. One of the selling points of the process is that it is both ecologically and environmentally friendly as compared to both cremation and traditional ground burial.

People who are pro cryomation are calling it the most eco- friendly alternative to burial ever created. They are also quick to highlight that when the process is adapted to most parts of the world, the land allocated to cemeteries can be put to better use. This will also put to curb the unwelcomed practice of reusing graves.

This unique burial alternative has caught the government’s eyes as the Law Commission is said to be in the process of forming regulations to facilitate freeze burials. This is a welcomed step by those who want to adopt the process to help save the planet.

As expected, there has been massive criticism of the process. Senior figures around the country have been quoted opposing the adaptation of the process. Some religious faithful even terms the whole process as an undignified way to treat the dead. The Church of England’s Anglican Association is believed to be fighting the reforms for the approval of cryomation as it will negatively change religion.


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