Pastor Says Girl Scouts’ Support of LGBT Community Should Be Punishable by Death


Anti-Gay Pastor Kevin Swanson implies Girl Scout Leaders should be executed for being “Pro-Gay.”

The anti-gay advocate Pastor Kevin Swanson expressed his frustrations by the Girl Scouts of America’s move to support and encourage the gay community. He spoke about this matter during his weekly radio show called Generations with Kevin Swanson. This comes after his strong criticism of the Disney film Frozen and Harry Potter books for advocating about gay marriages.

Pastor Says Girl Scout Leaders Should Be Put to Death.[/tweetthis]

Swanson condemned Girl Scouts for encouraging what he termed as lesbianism, abortion and use of contraception for 14-year-old girls. He suggested that Scout leaders are supporting LGBTQ rights, and they should be put to death.

In his message, he said that Girl Scout Leaders have continued to violate the teachings of Jesus (Matthew 18:6) which state that “it’s better for someone to have a millstone hung around their neck and tossed into the sea than force a child to sin.”

Swanson claims that Jesus’ teachings should be embraced and followed by Girl Scout Leaders. “Jesus means what he says. You’ve got to take what he says, and you have to apply it,” he said. “Don’t train your little girls to be feminists.”

Speaking during the show, Swanson also backed Franklin Graham‘s vow that he will never buy Girl Scout cookies because of their skeptical move to support transgender rights and homosexuality.

“I’m just thankful that, finally, another Protestant leader is willing to stand up against this American icon that has been used as a tool of the left for many, many decades,” Swanson said.

Kevin Swanson is a pastor of the Reformation Church of Elizabeth, and he has dominated the headlines recently with his despicable views since the start of the 2016 U.S election cycle.


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