Kim Davis Lost Re-election in Kentucky

Kim Davis Loses Re-Election Campaign in Kentucky

Kim Davis Lost Re-election in Kentucky
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Kim Davis lost by 700 votes to Elwood Caudill Jr.

Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who became famous (or infamous as per individual views) when she refused to sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples, lost her re-election bid on November 6. The Republican was beaten in the Rowan County clerk race by a margin of about 700 votes by Elwood Caudill Jr. Caudill received 4,210 votes and Davis 3,566 votes. The results are final, with reports from all 19 precincts.

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Davis gained notoriety throughout the United States after she remained steadfast in her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriages in 2015. As a result, five couples slapped cases against her in court and the presiding judge at that time ordered Davis, the county clerk at that time, to issue the relevant marriage licenses. She again refused to follow American law and consequently spent about five days inside a jail cell. Such was her adamant behavior that the legislature of Kentucky state was compelled to change the law so that there was no compulsion for clerks to put their signs on documents. Her actions catapulted her to national media headlines.

Davis profited from her newfound notoriety. She became prominent among the GOP, earning a much-coveted recognition from Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas Governor. The then county clerk also got the chance to meet Pope Francis in person in Washington. She received multiple invitations to the White House, including the first joint speech made by President Trump in 2017. She also visited Romania the same year to campaign for the European country's anti-gay marriage law.

Caudill, her Democratic opponent, and ultimate winner of the vote, secured his nomination during the primaries in May after he defeated David Ermold. The latter was a gay man to whom Davis refused a marriage license in 2015.

For those tilting to the left, Davis continues to be a religious bigot who willfully neglected her official duties-which she was elected to do in the first place. They heavily criticized her unwillingness to sign marriage licenses. She even published a book chronicling her experiences, with the name Under God's Authority: The Kim Davis Story.


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