Jerusalem Movie

“Jerusalem” IMAX Movie Shows the City in a New Light

Jerusalem Movie

The news of the continuing feud between the nations of Palestine and Israel are not unknown to the world. However, a new film from National Geographic Entertainment is not about the war, but about the holy city of Jerusalem. The feature film, titled simply “Jerusalem,” is considered to be a piece which presents this holy city to the world in a new light of faith and togetherness.

Official Trailer – Jerusalem: Filmed for IMAX and Giant Screen Theaters from JerusalemTheMovie.

In this film various professionals have come together to bring forth the holiness that lies in the city of Jerusalem. It is a known fact that this city is the birth place of three religions based on the teachings of Abraham: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Three women’s personal stories about their family’s history in Jerusalem are shared, each representing one of the different religions.

This film was created on the technology of IMAX-3D which created an effect that portrays an image implying that the city of Jerusalem is situated not on this earth but somewhere in the heavens. This provides an entirely new view of the city in front of the world. Not only is this film creative and cinematographically enhanced but it is informative as well. In accordance with the viewers it is a nice endeavour to promote awareness about this ancient holy city and provide a momentary relief from the burning political news coming out of the city.

The filmmakers stated their main reason behind making this film was to show its past and present and provide a grasp on why Jerusalem is considered to be so significant, in addition to the co-existence of three religions together in the city.

“Jerusalem” opens today in select IMAX theatres. Click here to find a theatre near you.


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