Job Search Has Ended for Kim Davis....She Wants to Be a Preacher

Job Search Has Ended for Kim Davis…She Wants to Be a Preacher

Job Search Has Ended for Kim Davis....She Wants to Be a Preacher
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Davis’ lawyer said “That’s where the Lord is leading her this time.”

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who shot into international notoriety when she refused to issue legal marriage licenses to gay couples, has a new career on the horizon: Kim Davis now wants to be an evangelical preacher.[/tweetit] The career change was presumably forced upon her after voters rejected her for re-election on November 6.

Job Search Has Ended for Kim Davis…She Wants to Be a Preacher[/tweetthis]

Davis has set her mind to open a career in Christianity and ultimately take up an evangelical preacher job full time. Matt Staver, her lawyer, said in a media interview that his client wanted to involve herself in any manner in a Christian ministry, and Jesus Christ is guiding her way in her chosen new career. According to Davis' lawyer, she lost the election only due to her reluctance to the campaign. The Republican received a total of 3,566 votes in clerk election. She lost out to the winning Democratic candidate Elwood Caudill Jr. who received a total of 4,210 votes.

Davis, who is thrice divorced, is adept at changing her political parties. She won her first election on a Democratic ticket in 2014. She then switched her allegiance to the Republican Party in 2018 after she gained controversy and a fair bit of notoriety for her actions. Staver has already begun the mudslinging against her winning opponent, saying that Caudill Jr. is completely clueless on the subject of doing a clerk's job and running the office. He added that the responsibilities of an elected clerk are more than simply issuing marriage licenses.

Staver pointed out that Davis did not campaign to get elected and was focused on doing her job. She did not attend any official fundraisers, or sweet talk to get votes. In his words, the Republican candidate did not do so as she is not a typical politician. He insisted Davis spent her time doing productive work, which her voters elected her to do during the previous election. He claimed that she works hard and does her job extremely well.

Critics have pointed out the many flaws to Staver’s explanation for her lack of campaigning. They stated facts such as Davis spending a significant amount of time away from her office and from Rowan County during the preceding three years. Her time was spent mostly as a speaker alongside anti-LGBT representatives at multiple evangelical events. She even traveled to Romania in 2017 to give support to banning same-sex marriages in the country.


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