Family Rally Pope Francis is Attending Will have a speech on Welcoming Gays

The Irish have increasingly voted to isolate themselves from traditional Catholic principles

Pope Francis’ Dublin visit will land him in a country whose citizens have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the views espoused by the Catholic Church on matters of sexuality. Ireland pushed in same-sex marriage in 2015. The Irish laws were amended as per the popular vote was taken among the Irish citizens. Other than voting yes to gay marriage, Ireland has also voted positive to legalize abortion.

All these points to the rising chasm between the Vatican and the Irish people.

The pontiff will attend the World Meeting of Families scheduled to be held in August. Francis is expected to stay the last two days of the meet. He will preside over the penultimate Dublin Mass.

The World Meeting of Families unveiled a pastoral program building up to the arrival of the pope. The list of invitees includes a few surprising entities. The most surprising entry of all is the upcoming presence of Reverend James Martin, the Jesuit and American citizen who wrote the book Building a Bridge, concerning Catholic outreach to the LGBT community. The Reverend has faced pressure from multiple conservative groups who have vociferously opposed his call to the church for the better reception of gay Catholics.

For World Meeting of Families, LGBT related controversies are nothing new. Even in recent times, an image showing a gay couple was brushed away for a booklet. This discrimination was not limited to print. Comments made by David G. O'Connell, a Bishop of Los Angeles Auxiliary, were also removed from a certain video.

Things are however changing. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, the president of the 2018 edition of World Meeting of Families, said Martin's book has received support from three American cardinals. One of them is the influential Cardinal Kevin Farrell. He is prefect for Dicastery of Laity, Family, and Life. Martin told the media that it is significant that a meeting backed by the Vatican will include his presentation. He said that it is clear Rome now regards LGBT Catholics along with their parents as a vital component of the church. He recalled an earlier meeting in 2015, held in Philadelphia where the sole official event concerning gay Catholics included a gay person and that person's mother elaborating on the subject of chastity.


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