Only outdoor singing is barred

Ali Salam, the Mayor of Nazareth, has taken the decision to hold all Christmas festivities despite a palpable anger over President Donald J. Trump of the United States to recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel. Contrary to earlier unfounded reports, the Nazareth administration has only canceled the outdoor stage singing performances. These are usually a part of the Christmas market in Nazareth city. All other activities will proceed as they did in previous years. These festivities provide much-needed revenues to the Nazareth administration.

Nazareth is the biggest Arab city in Israel. Muslims and Christians together form the bulk of the city population. The city holds about 76,000 individuals. It is a historical place, with the town being the one where Jesus spent his adolescence. For Christians, the principal attraction is the Basilica of the Annunciation located in downtown Nazareth. It makes an imposing structure. It is the belief of devout Christians that the structure stands upon what was once the home of Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Salem Sharara, the spokesperson of Nazareth city, told the media that the church services unique to Christmas and the market stalls would be present as they were every year.

Salam blamed the decision to bar public singing due to Trump taking the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. He termed Trump a “wretched” person and opined that the president has stabbed the Palestinians in their backs. Palestine is not alone in making its displeasure known. His controversial decision attracted criticism from Muslims all over the globe. A number of U.S. allies also severely criticized the decision.

Jerusalem's status is a contentious one as the city is holy to both Jews and Muslims. It occupies a central position in both of their religious texts. The Palestine authority has envisioned half of the city to be its capital metropolis in the future. This will be the administrative capital of a Palestine state in case a two-state solution comes to the fore as a result of talks between Palestine and Israel. A large number of Arabs believe that the announcement by Trump has effectively put an end to any peace agreement. Things have come to such a pass that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a cluster of 57 Muslim nations, have sent a communique roundly denouncing Trump's decision.


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