Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

Secular 2014 Conference to Focus on the Religious Right, Secularism and Civil Rights

“Secularism is probably the one big issue for our century. This century is not, as many still think, marked by a religious or spiritual

Gay vs Christian, human rights, lexington, Kentucky,

Human Rights Commission: “Christian business owners should leave religion at home!”

In a controversial decision, the Lexington Kentucky Human Rights Commission has sent a clear message to Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT

11 Religious Figures Named Amongst The 100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time By Smithsonian Magazine

Meet the 100 most significant Americans of all time— Smithsonian Magazine (@SmithsonianMag) November 17, 2014 Smithsonian Magazine included 11 American religious figures

Mormon Women's Conference

Mormon Women Pleased With Small Changes to Their Role in the Church

photos: Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune Mormon women are surprised as LDS President alters wording to be more inclusive of women. Last month,

Lust Map

Kansas State Geographers Map The Bible’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins’

A team of Geographers from Kansas State University plotted the 7 deadly sins on a map of the U.S. The darker the map area

Mormon Foundations of Faith

Priceless Artifacts of Mormon History Finally on Display

The Foundations of Faith features priceless pieces of Mormon history. Now anyone can see Joseph Smith's works including a page of the original Book

PEW Report: How Americans Feel About Religious Groups

Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals Rated Warmly, Atheists and Muslims More Coldly This piece originally appeared on Jews, Catholics and evangelical Christians are viewed

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day Remembers the Mormons Landing in Salt Lake City, Utah

Pioneer Day celebrates the time Brigham Young brought the Mormons west to Salt Lake City. Many people have never heard of Pioneer Day, but it

Storming Zion Blog

Storming Zion: A Historical Account of Government Raids on New Religious Movements

Four years ago I set out with my colleague Susan Palmer to collect data on government raids targeting new or nontraditional religious movements (NRMs).

Mormon Leaders’ Historic Visit to AJC Headquarters

Mormon Leaders' Historic Visit to AJC Headquarters (via PR Newswire) American Jewish Committee logo. (PRNewsFoto/American Jewish Committee) NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --