Daily Beast Article Claims Evangelicals are to Blame for Decrease in Christianity


Trump’s approval by evangelicals has only grown.

Young Americans are leaving religion in recent numbers to join the “nones.”[/tweetit] The term was created by pollsters to describe people who admit to no religious affiliation. This group rejects the Biblical explanation of God but may believe in a kind of spiritual power. Anyone doubting such a phenomenon must go through the data dug up by the Pew Foundation. The latter discovered about 23 percent of Americans born any year from 1965 to 1980 abhor religion. This number jumps to 34 percent for people born any year from 1981 to 1989. This rapid detachment from religion is unprecedented in United States history. Even a few decades back, children by default followed their parents' denominational attachments.

Daily Beast Article Claims Evangelicals are to Blame for Decrease in Christianity[/tweetthis]

Analysts have discovered the moral bankruptcy of white evangelicals to be the cause. This group counts itself as the single biggest American Protestant group. They are also found to be the staunchest supporters of President Donald J. Trump. A report published by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) stated a whopping 75 percent of white evangelicals hold a favorable view of Trump. This quantum of support is much above the support enjoyed by the U.S. President among the general population, clocking in at only 42 percent.

Trump's white evangelical support base has only risen over time. The 2016 primary season witnessed Donald Trump's support to hover below the 50 percent mark. Support increased to 61 percent during the latter days of 2016. It jumped to 68 percent during his presidential inauguration. It went further up to 74 percent in February 2017. It is to be noted that the favorability of the president among the white evangelicals was always above 65 percent.

For young people, these are viewed as moral bankruptcy. The Trump administration has seen an inverse of the moral pecking order. Many CEO’s, not generally known for their morals, defected from the Trump business advisory councils. The exodus was so much that the president was forced to dissolve them. Ironically, at the time when businesspeople left the administration, people of God, like members of Council of Evangelical Advisers, continued to remain rigid in their loyalty to their country's president. Even the hardened political minded people balked when James Dobson, the Focus on the Family founder, claimed during the 2016 elections that Trump was “tender to things of the spirit.”


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