Christian Parents Sue School District for Stopping Their Kids Passing out Bible Flyers During Campus Hours

Christian Parents Sue School for Stopping Kids From Distributing Bible Flyers

Public school students were promoting a Bring Your Bible to School Day event. A Christian family living in Huntington Beach, CA has filed a

Daily Beast Article Claims Evangelicals are to Blame for Decrease in Christianity

Trump's approval by evangelicals has only grown. Young Americans are leaving religion in recent numbers to join the “nones.”[/tweetit] The term was created by

Pence Appears at Focus on Family Event

The US Vice President attends religious right group’s anniversary celebration; promises unwavering support from Trump administration. US Vice President, Mike Pence, flew to Colorado

Teen Christian Girls Magazine ‘Brio’ is Coming Back with ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cover Girl

Christian teen magazine Brio is back after folding in 2009. The conservative Christian magazine Brio is going to stage a comeback[/tweetit] after it went

'Education and Sharing Day' Honors Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Hallelujah! Trump Is Now Suddenly A Born Again “Baby Christian”

Reports are saying a mysterious person has led Donald Trump to Christ. James Clayton Dobson, Jr. is one of America's top evangelicals. He is

The Anti-Abortion March for Life is Growing

March for Life: Evangelicals join Catholics in the pro-life march. Evangelical organizations increasingly consider anti-abortion activities as one of its top aims. The Focus

Who Church Leaders Endorse for the 2016 Election and Why Catholic Leaders Don’t Endorse Anyone

Religious leaders are generally uncomfortable to directly endorse any particular political candidate. Leading up to yesterday's Iowa Caucus, GOP leaders were touring the state