Judge’s Gavel

Freedom of Religion Argument Goes One-For-Three in the First Round of Pro-Choice Lawsuits

In a victory for anti-abortionists, most of them—according to a recent Public Religion Research Institute survey—White Christian nationalists—the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the

Protestant Sermon

Despite The Plummeting Importance of Religion in the Lives of Americans, There Is a Silver Lining, According to Study

The answer to the question, “Is religion the most important thing in your life?” is meeting with an increasingly negative response, according to a

Survey Shows Support Growing for Allowing Businesses to Refuse Serving the LGBTQ

Survey Shows Growing Support for Allowing Businesses to Refuse to Serve LGBTQ

Surprisingly, researchers also found that same-sex marriages are now more widely accepted than ever before. The United States Supreme Court inadvertently threw a ball

Daily Beast Article Claims Evangelicals are to Blame for Decrease in Christianity

Trump's approval by evangelicals has only grown. Young Americans are leaving religion in recent numbers to join the “nones.”[/tweetit] The term was created by

American spirituality

Examining the “Spiritual, not Religious” in America

The spirituals are found to be more helpful and empathetic A survey conducted by Public Religion Research Institute has resulted in findings which surpass

US belief in God isn't needed for morality

More Americans Say Belief in God Is Not Necessary for Morality

White Americans who believe in God are a minority now. 56 percent of Americans think God has nothing to do with being a moral

Row of empty pews

Christian America is on the Decline

Muslims and Mormons constitute the youngest faith demographic A report published by Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) says that white Christians have become a

Hispanic Global Warming

5 Powerful Stats on Hispanic Catholics and Global Warming

The difference between white Catholic views and Hispanic views on global warming is like night and day. The Pope has become, in America at

This is the Least Religiously Affiliated State in America

37% of Oregon residents say they are unaffiliated with any religious group, but has the highest percentage of Evangelical Christians in the country. Oregon

Which Religions are the Least Discriminating Against Homosexuals?

A study focused on religion and homosexuality in 79 countries identifies the religions which have the least negative attitude toward gays. A new survey