Stephen Chow

Newly Named Catholic Cardinal of Hong Kong Calls for Reconciliation, Increased Hope for Youth

A Hong Kong bishop whom Pope Francis personally selected to be included in the newest group of cardinals within the Catholic Church has expressed

Pope Francis Blesses Irish TV Film, ‘Faith of Our Fathers’

Pope Francis has endorsed a film that depicts the tale of a Catholic priest who evaded British colonial authorities during a dark period in

Catholic Medical Center, Manchester New Hampshire

U.S. Bishops Vote to Initiate Process For Prohibiting Transgender Medicine in Catholic Hospitals

In a potential turning point for healthcare services in Catholic hospitals, Roman Catholic bishops in the U.S. voted June 16 to establish formal regulations

Vatican Peace Envoy Visits Moscow in Effort to Resolve Russia’s War on Ukraine

Pope Francis has dispatched a veteran Vatican representative to Moscow in an effort to assist in finding a resolution to the conflict in Ukraine,

Church in Ireland with golden angel

Experts Attribute Decline in Individuals Identifying as Catholic in Ireland to Change in Census Question, Highlighting Diversification

The latest population census in Ireland shows that the religious landscape is becoming more diverse, but a significant shift in the number of individuals

Pope Benedict XVI

Reflections on Holy Saturday by Pope Benedict

Holy Saturday, which commemorates the time when Jesus Christ was buried on the eve of his resurrection on Easter Sunday, is an occasion of

Pope Francis with the papal ferula used by John Paul II

“When Ideology Gets Involved, the Holy Spirit Goes Home”—Pope and Bishops Voice Dismay on Breakaway German Synod

Synod: A council of a Christian denomination, usually convened to decide an issue of doctrine, administration or application. A worldwide Catholic Synod on Synodality

Pope Francis March 2016

Pope Francis Demands End to ‘Choking’ of Africa During Two-Nation Tour of the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan

Pope Francis has warned world leaders as well as combative communities to stop profiteering from Africa’s extensive natural resources and robbing the continent of

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Houses of Worship: Sacred Heart Catholic Church

It’s 1741 in the Americas, 24 years before the British will have “trouble with colonies,” and in the English province of Maryland there are

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

Houses of Worship: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

1853, the Archbishop of New York plans “to erect a Cathedral in the City of New York that may be worthy of our increasing