Faith Kids

Bible-Inspired Superhero Team Faith Kids Will Empower Children

Faith Kids

Faith Kids is a new Bible-inspired superhero team from BushellMedia. Their movie, The Image, will be released in 2015. Check out the trailer here.

Faith Kids: The Image is a brand new animated superhero movie that follows four friends with unique abilities and characteristics. They carry on their lives believing they are just ordinary kids, but a great power lies within them. They are called upon to do a greater good in this world and to defeat a darkness that is covering the land. Their journey will take them further than they have ever been. Along the way they discover the hidden truth about themselves and what it takes to defeat evil.

During their journey they lose battles because they do not believe in themselves and the power of the Holy Spirit that surrounds and inhabits them. They learn that they are not fighting just in the flesh, but the wickedness that can thrive in this world. They learn not to fight with only weapons but to use the word of God against the enemy.

Faith Kids Will Inspire and Empower Youth

Our world is changing at an almost frightening speed, and the youth of today are struggling to keep up. They are influenced through television, movies, songs, and social media. These days, it seems there are fewer and fewer good role models in the public eye for the youth to emulate or admire. Faith Kids: The Image has been designed and animated to help alleviate the pain so many youth are feeling. Many children have found that happiness, self-worth, and high self-esteem are elusive to them. The timing for this creation is more opportune than ever. It is the goal of this movie to show youth that they can be who they want to be without fear of being judged and criticized. Based on the message of the Bible in Acts 1:8, the Faith Kids are designed to empower our youth and inspire them to surpass their preconceived limitations. The message is simple: if children can follow the message of God, they have the opportunity to overcome any obstacle in their path.

Faith Kids: The Image is being distributed and created by BushellMedia, located out of Michigan. The film is in the final stretch of production and is set for release on Blu-Ray in early 2015. Expect to see a Kickstarter campaign created by BushellMedia to further the adventures of the protagonists. Among the projects is a 3D video game, interactive video lessons, and additional promotion.


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