Balwant Bains

Sikh Principal Ousted By Trojan Horse Plot in Muslim School

Balwant Bains

Balwant Bains, a Sikh former Principal of the Saltley Muslim School in the UK, claims he was removed by a Trojan Horse Plot because he taught British values.

While Britain’s position at the center of a battle over multicultural values and rights is nothing new, the ousting of a principal has many people up in arms. Balwant Bains, a Sikh public school principal, found himself on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of criticism from the Muslim-dominated school board for the Saltley School in Birmingham. Now, he is saying that he was ousted as a result of a Trojan Horse effort that is meant to make the schools adhere more closely to Islamic beliefs.

Bains’ Battle

Balwant Bains had a very typical job as the principal of the Saltley School, but that began to turn for the worse when he was asked to make several changes in the school. While some of the proposed changes were completely sensible due to the student body makeup, such as serving Halal meat in the cafeteria, others began to suggest that there were more nefarious things to come.

When Bains was asked to do away with the sex education program in the school, he completely opposed the measure, believing that it was a necessary part of the education process. However, he found that as a result of his position on this issue, he was being mistreated and belittled by the school board.

British Values

Another reason that the moves by the school board are being viewed as a Trojan Horse attack is that they made Bains relentlessly justify every aspect of his position. From being asked why students walked on the right side of the hallway to filling out incredibly long and difficult reports which explored his reasoning for communications with the students. While it started out seeming as though the board was just being thorough, it quickly became clear that they were making him justify his inclusion of British values in the educational system.

Trojan Horse

As a result of the constant questioning and persistence that he was not properly doing his job, Bains left his position as principal, after feeling that there was no other option available for him. While it was still unknown to those outside of the school, a letter was sent out that said “The Sikh head running a Muslim school will soon be sacked and we will move in.” Bains’ story has emerged as a part of an ongoing investigation into a Trojan Horse plot to displace individuals who did not agree with the outlook desired by the Muslim school officials and impose radical Islam philosophies. This is very disconcerting for people who want to view multiculturalism in a positive light but has also given naysayers ammunition to disparage the concept. Either way, it appears as though Bains’ decision will prompt serious discussions about the role of religion in dictating public school policy in the future.


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