Recent Study Finds That Religious Teens Use Fewer Drugs


A study examined teen’s world views and the impact these perspectives have on deterring them from drugs and alcohol.

Ever since the war on drugs started there has been another war being fought in homes: keeping teens from using illicit drugs. While there have been many outreach programs and tests for student athletes, it almost seems that recreational drug use is a simple reality of growing up. Now, though, there has been a recent study conducted concerning the way that a teen’s worldview affects the chances that they will use drugs, and the connection to religion is causing a stir.

The Study Details

The study was conducted by several researchers and was submitted through the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. They examined the way that the individual’s worldview affects their concepts of who they are, the reason that they exist, and how they should behave in the world. The researchers measured the teen’s worldview based on many factors, compared this with their religious views, and then asked them about their propensity towards drug usage. All of these factors combined created a profile of the teen which revealed that people with stronger world views and religious principles were less likely to use drugs.

Religion As A Deterrent

While some people may believe religion is a deterrent for drug use based on its strict rules, the study only attributed a small portion of the power of religion to this concept. Rather, it is the connections that are formed between the people in the lives of religious individuals, their religious ideals, and the overall community offered by religion that tends to deter drug use in teens. The study found that they tend to use their faith as a means of finding a way of connecting more closely with the world around them, leaving them with little need to use drugs as a means of escapism like so many others their age. While religion was shown to reduce the drug use in people in that age group, others are more optimistic about encouraging students to embrace a more fulfilling worldview.

A New Way Of Viewing The World

Aside from the implications of religion in the case of teenage drug use, worldview is another interesting factor that can reduce drug use in teens. This refers to the overall connectivity to the world around them through their family and community. While this was less of a potent factor in keeping kids from using drugs than the combination of religion and worldview, there can be no mistake: a strong connection to school and other activities can prevent drug use in teens. Finding ways for them to be active members of a community that does not value drug use is important for boosting their self-esteem and making them feel that they do not need drugs as a way to fill a void in their lives. Together, the study showed that both religion and a good worldview were distinctly positive factors in reducing drug use.


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