Why are Young Adults Dropping Out of Church?

Why are Young Adults Dropping Out of Church?

An increasing number of young people are finding community outside of church. Church pews could witness fewer teenagers on Sunday mornings if the present

Muslim Girls Slam Stereotypes with Poetry to End Abuse

Muslim teenagers are hoping to reduce racial abuse with poems addressing Islamophobia. Islamophobia has been on a massive rise in the U.S ever since

Teenage Boys Arrested for Sikh Temple Bombing in Germany

German police have arrested two teenage boys targeting Sikhs. The joyous occasion of a wedding turned into an evening of terror for about 200

Suicide Prevention

How Spirituality May Help You Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: National Suicide Prevention Week

For National Suicide Prevention Week, Featured Contributor Keith Wommack shares how spirituality can help you reduce thoughts of emptiness. The tragedy of fifteen-year-old Sadie

Recent Study Finds That Religious Teens Use Fewer Drugs

A study examined teen's world views and the impact these perspectives have on deterring them from drugs and alcohol. Ever since the war on