Evangelist Anne Lotz and Catholic Cardinal Make Bold Statements against Trans People

Anne Graham Lotz says God is punishing us for Transgender rights.

With the passing of pro-LGBT laws in various states and in the country in general in the past year, there has been some controversy between the church and the government. Laws supporting same-sex marriage and current legislations to allow for ‘open-gender’ use of bathrooms by transgender individuals have received a lot of backlash from known clergy and the church in general, both catholic and evangelical.

Evangelist Anne Lotz and Catholic Cardinal Make Bold Statements against Trans People[/tweetthis]

Most recently, in the backlash is senior Catholic Cardinal Robert Sarah, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. It was in Washington, D.C. during the 12th Annual National Prayer Breakfast that he made his controversial remarks. The breakfast was attended by various lawmakers across Congress, in addition to Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.

In his keynote speech he described the transgender community as God-assassins saying that transgender people and the LGBT community in general were causing the death of God. He condemned the acceptance of ‘immorality’ in advanced societies saying it had led to increased religious persecution of Christians. He described transgender as demonic ideological colonialism that was cutting people off from God.

He also talked about marriage stating that divorce, separations and other distorted impositions to family like same sex unions and cohabitation had destroyed the foundation of family and led to cynicism and despair the most affected being children.

No one left behind, he also addressed surrogacy, artificial reproductive technologies and other evils of gender ideology as issues that would destroy family generations. He therefore called out for protection of the sanctity of family and future generations by the church and the society at large. In conclusion, he warned that transgender and same sex unions were unnatural and would only further alienate whole generations from God.

Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of renowned evangelist Billy Graham and head of Angel Ministries in North Carolina, also spoke out on the transgender issue.

According to Lotz, previous attacks like the mass shooting in San Bernardino and 9/11 were a punishment from God due to acceptance of gay rights and evolution in the nation. God had allowed these attacks since the country had strayed and was now full of pride and self-sufficiency.

She also challenged the HB2 law, a transphobic law by the state barring Trans people from accessing public restrooms under the gender they choose to identify with. She referred to the counter suit on the law by The Justice Department as silly, crazy and ludicrous stating that the state was being sued for something that was just common sense.

The preacher concluded by saying that only prayer and repentance could prevent the nation from further terror attacks implying that, contrary to which, even worse tragedies could hit the nation.


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