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Creationists Are Upset about Today’s Google Evolution Doodle

google doodle

Google has offended Creationists with new primitive man doodle on their homepage.

Today Google’s new doodle features the Australopithecus Lucy and celebrates the 41st anniversary of the discovery. In 1974, around 40% of Lucy’s bones were found in Ethiopia. She is considered as an early human ancestor and believed to have walked upright. The discovery is a key link to support the theory of evolution.

Creationist Upset about Today’s Google Evolution Doodle[/tweetthis]

Google doodles are intended to informative and fun. However, today’s salute has caused a bit of a stink with creationists who have been lighting up Twitter.

The other side on Twitter

However, evolutionists also took to Twitter to say “we’ve got your back, Google.”


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