Google Pulls Christian “Conversion Therapy” App

Google Pulls Christian “Conversion Therapy” App

The procedures demean and torture transgenders. Google finally caved in to pressure to remove a conversion therapy app from its Google Play store.[/tweetit] The

Google Honors Priest Who Created The Big Bang Theory With Doodle

Google Honors Priest Who Created The Big Bang Theory With Doodle

Catholic priest honored for the time by Google Google honored Father Georges Lemaitre through a Doodle on its principal landing page.[/tweetit] The company changes

712 Pages of Times When Muslims Condemned Terrorism

A Muslim girl's 712-page Google doc lists times Muslims denounced terrorism, in response to a student's misconception. The credit for creating this document goes

Google Removes Autocomplete Suggestions About Jews, Women

Google's search algorithms and autocomplete suggestions have caused offense, prompting Google to take action. Google just recently removed autocomplete suggestions from its search engine

German Police Raid Homes Suspected of Internet Hate Speech

German police are sending a clear message against racism and xenophobic content on the internet. German police did house raids all over Germany on

How Buddhism is Being Adapted for American Society

Buddhism is thriving in the united States and developing into "American Buddhism." Buddhism has evolved over the years similar with all mainstream religions. It

Did The Church of Scientology Receive Six Million Dollars in Free Advertising from Google?

Scientology says Google gave them $6 million in free advertising funds for non-profits. As reported by Business Insider, based on a leaked video transcript

google doodle

Creationists Are Upset about Today’s Google Evolution Doodle

Google has offended Creationists with new primitive man doodle on their homepage. Today Google’s new doodle features the Australopithecus Lucy and celebrates the 41st

Thay to speak at Google

Google Invites Buddhist Monk To Speak At Full-Day Training Session

Celebrated Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh will speak at Google this month Google has taken a vested interest in an 87-year-old Vietnamese Zen Buddhist