712 Pages of Times When Muslims Condemned Terrorism

A Muslim girl’s 712-page Google doc lists times Muslims denounced terrorism, in response to a student’s misconception.

The credit for creating this document goes to 19-year-old student of Colorado University, Heraa Hashmi. Hashmi was discussing the crusades with a classmate during history lessons when the discussion escalated to an attack on Muslims. Although Hashmi tried her best to defend her faith, she realized something more needs to be done to correct the negative image people have of Muslims.

712 Pages of Times When Muslims Condemned Terrorism[/tweetthis]

The man she was discussing with accused Muslims of not condemning terrorism enough, because of which fanatics get the hint they can do whatever they want. He also went on to say although he agreed not all Muslims are terrorists, he still believed that all terrorists are Muslims.

Hashmi knew the problem was not her classmate, but that terrorism itself that was moving so many Americans against the Muslims. Hashmi knew very well that Muslims had consumed terrorism on numerous occasions. She also knew for a fact everyone was aware about this, although they would simply choose to overlook something that went against the beliefs they held against a particular group. She knew the only way to counter this problem was to come up with a concrete, objective solution, rather than engage in a fist of words. That's when she decided to make a compilation of all the times that Muslims had condemned terrorism.

The result of her research was an exhaustive, 712-page long Google spreadsheet of Muslims condemning terrorism[/tweetit],  which she then proudly tweeted. Her tweet was quickly retreated by innumerable people, some of whom offered to create a website for the spreadsheet.

What began as a class discussion has now turned into a website, MuslimsCondemn.com.

Hashmi observes that all Christians are not held responsible for the actions of Christian terrorist groups such as the KKK or the Lord's Resistance Army. As such, she demands to know why Muslims are held responsible for what a few fanatics do. She says it is unfair to demand an apology from all Muslims for the actions of the terrorists.

Hashmi hopes her efforts will help in alleviating the targeted hatred the Muslims are facing around the world. Muslims are being accused of taking sides with terrorists and endorsing their activities. The spreadsheet, however, will be concrete evidence for those who persist in their claims that Muslims don't condemn terrorism enough.


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