Ken Ham Says There's Nothing to Worry About, the World Has Been Through Climate Change Before

Ken Ham Says There’s Nothing to Worry About, the World Has Been Through Climate Change Before

"The biggest climate change was the global flood of Noah's day" David Attenborough, a famous naturalist, has told a Parliament committee that when faced

Creationist Who Believes Dinosaurs Were on Noah’s Ark Will Review Arizona’s Education Evolution Standards

A Creationist Will Be Reviewing Arizona’s Standards on How to Teach Evolution

Joseph Kezele believes that scientific evidence backs up the biblical story of Noah's Ark. Arizona State Superintendent Diane Douglas has hired Joseph Kezele, a

Study Shows Creationist are More Likely to Believe Conspiracy Theories

Study Shows Creationists are More Likely to Believe Conspiracy Theories

This is the result of teleological thinking. Researchers at the University of Fribourg in Fribourg, Switzerland, have discovered a correlation between conspiracy theory beliefs

New Study On Science and Religion Called into Doubt

The Templeton Foundation Fund Impartially Questioned There has been continued tension between science and religion. Elaine Howard Ecklund and Christopher P. Scheitle wrote a

Does New Scientific Discovery Disprove God?

Does New Scientific Discovery Prove God Doesn’t Exist?

New Fossil Shows the Earth Is 3.5 Billion years old. Science is not designed to disprove religion. In fact, science is designed to find

Jimmy Carter Tours Noah’s Ark Theme Park, Opening in Two Weeks

Creationist Ken Ham's Noah's Ark theme park opens this summer A 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, 8 stories high recreation of Noah’s Ark

google doodle

Creationists Are Upset about Today’s Google Evolution Doodle

Google has offended Creationists with new primitive man doodle on their homepage. Today Google’s new doodle features the Australopithecus Lucy and celebrates the 41st