Does New Scientific Discovery Disprove God?

Does New Scientific Discovery Prove God Doesn’t Exist?

Does New Scientific Discovery Disprove God?
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New Fossil Shows the Earth Is 3.5 Billion years old.

Science is not designed to disprove religion. In fact, science is designed to find out more about the natural world and to test assumptions we make about it. However, some are calling a new scientific discovery clear proof the Bible is wrong and therefore that God does not exist.

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A rock formation in Western Australia found in 1982 contains bacteria and microbes that have been dated at 3.5 billion years. It took scientists 10 years to be able to fully analyze the now-extinct life forms and be able to accurately tell how old they were.

Why is this being called a definitive rejection of Christianity? Because according to some religious groups and leaders the Bible gives the date of the earth as 6000 to 15,000 years if you went by the lineage of those listed in the holy text. Scientists estimate that humans have been around for 3 million years. That is a fraction of the total time for Earth, but vastly different than 6000 years.

However, this is only one interpretation of Christianity. Other scholars and groups have suggested that scientific principles like the Big Bang or evolution are results of the creative power of God. Mostly strict Creationists believe in the specific timetable of thousands of years for the lifespan of Earth. The rejection of science could stem from the inherent definition of faith. You believe in your religion because of personal belief, not proven evidence.

Prominent religious denominations and their organizations have not commented on the fossil.


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